Key Features  
  If you need to .......  
  • Work as a team!
  • Organise and publish selectively with one step
  • Search your knowledge
  • Grow your ideas!
  • Secure private data
  We recommend that you use 7-zip to extract these files as there are some reports of issues with older versions of WinZip.  www.7-zip.org/download.html  
  DownLoad_Button.gif   WLT 2.3_EDU    Download  est. time to download - 15 minutes   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
   Great for individual or study groups to pool your knowledge and leverage the team.  
DownLoad_Button.gif   WLT 2.3_ IT  Download  est. time to download - 15 minutes      
    Packaged for the IT and engineering professional  -  Upgraded with vector skin / mediawiki 1.16 / Mathjax  2.0 LaTeX rendering / PuttyPortableSuite
DownLoad_Button.gif   WLT 2.2.    Download  est. time - 30 minutes  
    Packaged to aid the entrepreneur and scientist  Extended wiki with TeX formula markup, Music Scoring, Physics and advanced calc tools  

WebLaminarTools is built to provide features that will enhance they way you interact with your computing environment.  To paraphrase what Einstein said," Why remember what you can wiki." WebLaminarTools allows you to collaborate, collate, catagorize and provide the links to all of those resources  your team needs to be successful...

System requirements:

  • USB 2.0 port
  • 4 GB required on USB drive with 8 GB recommended
  • MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

The main features of WebLaminarTools enable you to document and interact with your datacenter environment.  It is comprised of:

  • WebLaminarTools integrates wiki documentation and applications built to execute on the Microsoft Windows ® operating system from USB or hard drive. 
  • A full featured wiki by MediaWiki that is the basis of WebLaminarTools.  A wiki is an application that enables the user to quickly add new infromation to a web site.  If used in a team collaboration you can quickly build the combined expertise of the team into a searchable web site.  It is a very synergistic way for a team to document architecture, processes, and  web based resources.
  • Portable applications that extend your reach into the environment all launchable from the wiki.  These applications do not require installation onto the host computer.  They include industry standard system access tools such as ssh and many others. 
  • Joomla Content Management System to build and maintain a website for external IT communications.


Wiki Extensions Version
FreeMind embed All
AccuWeather embed All
Calendar All
Category Tree All
WarRoom Forum All
html / iFrame embed All
TeX math enabled All
Collapsable menu / Vector skin All
Multifile upload All
Jmol chem structures WLT 2.2
Editor contributions tally All


Admin tools
Usage Tool Name
File Compression 7-Zip
Password Safe KeePass
ASCII Editor Notepad++
Shell Integration Pageant
SSH shell access PuTTY
SFTP file transfer WinSCP
Screen Capture Lightscreen
Virus Scan ClamWin
Video Capture CamStudio
Disk Defragmentation JKDefrag
DOS Prompt CommandPrompt
Unix Prompt Cygwin w/Vi
Database browser DBbrowser


Web tools
Tool Name
Image Editing GIMP
HTML Editor Kompozer
DNS Digg
Command Line URL Wget
Command Line URL Curl
Icon Editor Greenfish


Project tools
Tool Name
Office Productivity OpenOffice
Gantt Charting Gantt Project
Brainstorming FreeMind
DIA Drawing
IM / Whiteboard Coccinella


WLT2.X Tools
Tool Name
Task Mgmt TaskFreak
Bug tracking Mantis
CRM Tiger
Ticketing OS Ticket
Calculations MathSpeQ
Calculations - Advanced SciLab
Jmol 3D chemical structures Jmol
OSP Physics visualizations OSP
LilyPond Music Scoring LilyPond


Perl 5.10
MySql 5



  • Joomla content management system that can be used for more sophisticated website construction.  We use it for a status page for your clients but it can be configured for any other use.  The content management system enables you to make quick updates to the website without knowledge of html and include the logos and images that are familiar to them.
  • Forum and IM tools to use for crisis management in a war room setting.  Keep your physical separated resources on the same page during remediation.
  • Ability to run on on  USB devices which provide different levels of security and affordabililty.  WebLaminarTools needs  4 GB of storage on the device, 8 GB recommended.